Our Story

Lgcldesigns were Simon and Ed who met in 2007 in the bustling, energetic city of Shanghai, China. 

Together, we launched SIMPLcase on Kickstarter, and created the brand Qaramel, in order to launch SIMPLcase into Apple Stores in Asia Pacific. 


Sadly, Simon and Ed parted ways business-wise a few years ago. They remain friends, but have both since moved on from China and Lgcldesigns. Although SIMPLcase sales continue to occasionally trickle in, the remaining inventory is now being sold at cost + shipping and the shop will soon be closed.

Thank you to everyone who supported our Kickstarter, LGCLDESIGNS, Qaramel, and SIMPLcase. It has been a journey of ups and downs full of good intentions, but this particular journey has come to an end.