Will there be an iPhone 6 / 6s SIMPLcase?

Yes, but only as a 3D printable product sold through Shapeways


How many SIM cards does SIMPLcase hold?

It stores up to three SIM cards which can be either micro or nano sized, or a combination. This means you can store spares for your iPad, or for iPhone 5s and 5, or 4S and 4.


Does SIMPLcase come with the SIM eject tool included?

Yes (for the regular iPhone SE / 5s / 5 compatible version... the 3D printable SIMPLcases do NOT include the SIM eject tool)


What's this credit-card stand feature all about?

As well as storing your SIM cards our case also has two slots in the back which can adapt any standard bank / credit card for hands-free use, both landscape and portrait.


How does SIMPLcase feel in the hand?

SIMPLcase is designed to be slim and light in the hand, with easy access to all of iPhone's buttons, headphone jack and lightning connector.

The design is contoured around your iPhone and has a lovely soft-touch coat for a smooth feel.


Will SIMPLcase protect my iPhone if I drop it?

SIMPLcase is made from robust polycarbonate and will protect your phone from the average accidental fall from your hand. Likewise the SIM cards will be protected inside the soft silicone insert.

However, please note that we designed SIMPLcase as a slim, minimal case and not as a super-rugged case with protection for all eventualities.

NOTE: The 3D printable SIMPLcases are not as strong as the mass production version. The 3D printable versions are made from laser sintered Nylon plastic. While this is a fairly strong and flexible material, it is not as strong as the injection molded polycarbonate of the standard SIMPLcase for iPhone SE / 5s / 5 

Can I lay my iPhone face down?

Yes, SIMPLcase extends very slightly past the screen so your iPhone can be laid face down.


How awesome is SIMPLcase?

Very! But don't take our word for it - read the reviews.


Where can I buy SIMPLcase and how much is shipping?

Our product page is here, and all shipping is through United States Postal Service First-Class mail with delivery time of 3-5 days in US and 5-10 days internationally. We chose this service as the pricing is reasonable compared to many of the alternatives. We have set up flat rate shipping as below:

- US: USD 3 for 1 case, USD 5.50 for 2 cases or more

- Canada: USD 7 for 1 case, USD 9 for 2 cases or more

- Everywhere else: USD 7 for 1 case, USD 13.50 for 2 cases or more


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What is your warranty policy?

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How can I contact you?

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